The price of 12 kilos elpiji gas has rised!

It is shocking! specially for housewifes and home industries because they have to deal with less budget but high cost. I don't understand what goverment think about this. Where're the hell they consience?? Rising the price of 12 kilos elpiji gas is not a wise decision because the impact will be huge !

First, people will hunt for 3 kilos elpiji gas cos it is cheaper. Therefore, 3 kilos elpiji gas will rare in the market. And the impact is the price of food and beverage will raise. People will lack of nutrient because they don't have enough money for buy good and healthy food.

Happy Generation ^_^

I found a picture, It was posted by my friend. The picture is consist of centences. It is very funny and makes me smile, because most of those sentenses are true! hihihi..^^

Chek this out.. ^_^

                    Here They Are, That Happy Generation

source: Hits From the 80's & 90's FanPage at Facebook

We are the last generation who were playing at the backyard and streets. We run and hide full of laughing and friendship. Galasin, Yoyo, Hide and Seek, Benteng, Dam, Lompat Tali, Ular Naga, Congklak. Generation who felt experience pup on pants, sliped at Helicopter public toilet, stealling neighbour's manggo, chasing kites, racing tires. Sit on the same table and playing Monopoli, Halma, and Ular Tangga. How happy it was..

Jakarta Need More Parks

Lately, weather in Jakarta is so hot. The temperature is around 32-33 celcius on midday.

It makes people lazy to go out. When I read some journals, they said not only Jakarta, but most of all cities in this world are heating. It is because the heating of earth temperature that we call global warming.

Global warming is very dangerous for human's life. Because of some greedy people, whole people around the world have to suffer. Cutting the trees, building malls or skycrapers, get rid of rubbish carelessly, industrial waste dumped into the river, and so on, are destroying the earth..
But I still grateful when some journalist ask Jakarta's future Governor, Ahok, he said that Jakarta has to build more parks to minimize the heat. I couldn't more agree about that.. ^__^

Left Behind or Moving Forward?

Well.. I would like to tell a short story.
Story of cell phone.

In early 2000, the most famous cell phone in Jakarta was Nokia. At that moment, people were crazy about Nokia. And.. Nokia knew it. So, to fullfill their customers desire, every year (not every year I guess, maybe every 6 months) Nokia released new variation of cell phone. Everytime new variation was released, everyone raced to buy.. Nokia became 'everyone cell phone'.

But, in 2009's people in Jakarta get shoked with a new variation of cell phone. This phone has unique shape and has querty keypad. It is called Blackberry. Blackberry has a feature which is called BbM or Blackberry Messanger. With this feature, users can update their status and chatting with cheap. BbM was so famous and adored. People love BbM. The next thing happened, people rushed to buy Blackberry.

Run Savely

Last night, when I went back from work by foot, I saw 4 men passing me. They ran..

Yup.. they ran line up.. It was around 19.30 PM. Actually, there was nothing special with their activities. Not until I saw a shining thing on one of their legs.

That shining thing with red colour was very bright. It looked like an anklet which was applied on shank. Just one of them who was wearing that anklet. That person ran at last sequence, seemed he protected his group from harmful things.



This is the first time I write in this new blog..
I made this blog for fullfill my desire to write anything happens in this universe which is interesting for me as Jakartan.

Why I called me as Jakartan? For you who probably don't know, Jakartan is a name that we used lately to call people (especially young people) who live in Jakarta. I am Jakartan means I am citizen of Jakarta, and I love my city.. ^^