Left Behind or Moving Forward?

Well.. I would like to tell a short story.
Story of cell phone.

In early 2000, the most famous cell phone in Jakarta was Nokia. At that moment, people were crazy about Nokia. And.. Nokia knew it. So, to fullfill their customers desire, every year (not every year I guess, maybe every 6 months) Nokia released new variation of cell phone. Everytime new variation was released, everyone raced to buy.. Nokia became 'everyone cell phone'.

But, in 2009's people in Jakarta get shoked with a new variation of cell phone. This phone has unique shape and has querty keypad. It is called Blackberry. Blackberry has a feature which is called BbM or Blackberry Messanger. With this feature, users can update their status and chatting with cheap. BbM was so famous and adored. People love BbM. The next thing happened, people rushed to buy Blackberry.

Soon, Blackberry became the most famous cell phone in Jakarta. And Nokia can not stop that. Slowly but sure, Nokia lost its power..

At the same time, Operating System (OS) which is called Android was released. The first Android type 1.0 was released in 2008. But android was not a threat to Blackberry. Android only has simple features and it was not making people interested.

But when Google decided to unite with Android, everything is change.. Slowly but sure, Android boots their technology and boom! Blackberry get shock. BbM feature who became prima donna, replaced by many kind of chatting features that provided by Android, let's say WhatsApp, LINE, Kakao Talk, etc.

To reach their users again, Blackberry decided to join with Google by providing BbM at Android PlayStore. But it was too late.. Everybody loves Android, with BbM inside of Google PlayStore, Android OS become powerful.

Now, only one OS who become Android competitor, it is Apple Inc. In premium class, giant vendors like Samsung and Sony, become iPhone competitor.

But, there is one smart phone vendor from China that makes some vendors worry. It is Xiaomi. Xiaomi use Android OS but has features like iPhone. What makes Xiaomi special? It is cheap! With low budget, people can buy Xiaomi and get iPhone features. That is why people become crazy and start to looking for Xiaomi.

Is this China's smart phone will be the next champion? We will see..

Well.. I am not employee of those vendors or those OS. The point of this story is, the world is moving fast. If we can not adapt and move up our skill and knowledge, we will left behind and replaced by others.

Your choice... wanna left behind? or moving forward?


Ifa Abdoel

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