Jakarta Need More Parks

Lately, weather in Jakarta is so hot. The temperature is around 32-33 celcius on midday.

It makes people lazy to go out. When I read some journals, they said not only Jakarta, but most of all cities in this world are heating. It is because the heating of earth temperature that we call global warming.

Global warming is very dangerous for human's life. Because of some greedy people, whole people around the world have to suffer. Cutting the trees, building malls or skycrapers, get rid of rubbish carelessly, industrial waste dumped into the river, and so on, are destroying the earth..
But I still grateful when some journalist ask Jakarta's future Governor, Ahok, he said that Jakarta has to build more parks to minimize the heat. I couldn't more agree about that.. ^__^

I remembered about my journey to Ho Chi Minh City or in the past known as Saigon. Ho Chi Minh City is capital of Vietnam. This city is smaller than Jakarta. It also has not much skyscapers. Ho Chi Minh City looks like Jakarta in 1970-80's I think..;)

Eventhough, I like this city so much. I fall in love with its parks. Ho Chi Minh City has a lot of city parks. Anywhere we go, we will find park. That is why this city so green and lovable.. ^__^

When I walk along the street of Ho Chi Minh City, I was daydreaming if Jakarta has a lot of parks, would'nt it be nice?..

In my opinion, if a city has a lot of parks, there will be a lot of benefit that recieved by society. Such as, more people feel happy dan healthy, kids feel free to play, the weather will be good, less pollution, animals will breed, and so on..

Jakarta really need more parks. We need trees, we need water, we need healthy air with no pollution..

As a person, as a human, as an individual, what we can do to help the earth? It is just simple..

Don't get rid of rubbish carelessly, no using plastic bag, planting crops, use less electricity, use public transportation, etc..

Well.. I am really hope Ahok will keep his promise to make more parks in Jakarta. How about you?..


Ifa Abdoel

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