Happy Generation ^_^

I found a picture, It was posted by my friend. The picture is consist of centences. It is very funny and makes me smile, because most of those sentenses are true! hihihi..^^

Chek this out.. ^_^

                    Here They Are, That Happy Generation

source: Hits From the 80's & 90's FanPage at Facebook

We are the last generation who were playing at the backyard and streets. We run and hide full of laughing and friendship. Galasin, Yoyo, Hide and Seek, Benteng, Dam, Lompat Tali, Ular Naga, Congklak. Generation who felt experience pup on pants, sliped at Helicopter public toilet, stealling neighbour's manggo, chasing kites, racing tires. Sit on the same table and playing Monopoli, Halma, and Ular Tangga. How happy it was..

Post office and Telkom were the center of our activities when Idul Fitri comes. Sending Telegram while counting every words, sending quiz by Post Card, and get money transfers from Post Wissel. Sending greeting via radio announcer, and for hours seducing the one we like from Wartel (telephone stall). Wearing secondhand clothes from big bro/sis, using secondhand book from senior. Exclaime.. Exciting..

We hang out at the beginning of gadget technology communication, we are the first generation who send message through Pager, the first one who knew SMS, who made chat room using Handy Talkie, the first who used computer PC, internet, chat, browsing. The first happy generation who knew Video Games, Atari, Nintendo, and Spica.

Our generation who recorded song through radio to cassete tape, who wrote lyrics by push Play - Pause - Rewind. The first generation who used Walkman, Handycam, and typewriter Brother and Olimpia. Make friends with Laserdisc, VHS, and Betamax. Great.. full of spirit..

We grew between world legend, Madonna, NKOTB, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Queen, Chicago, Vina Panduwinata dan Rinto Harahap. Grew with skills: making Kemoceng, Cement Ashtray, Paper Lantern. Using shoes: Kasogi, Reebok, Lotto, and Warior. We were very passionate finding candy wrappers of Yosan and Sanrio stationary.

 We are generation whose free, free riding motorcycle without helmet, free riding car without safety belt, free from pain at the neck because of too much seeing the cell phone, free get in the train as long as we stand, free to climbing the wall of stadium, free to call our friend school with their father's name. Free and responsibility..

And the most important ..

We memorized Pancasila, Sumpah Pemuda, names of ministers, 36 points of Pengamalan Pancasila and Boyscout Dasadharma. We have the same president Pak Harto.

*We are the happy generation who were born in 70's, grow in 80's, and mature in 90's*


Ifa Abdoel

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