The price of 12 kilos elpiji gas has rised!

It is shocking! specially for housewifes and home industries because they have to deal with less budget but high cost. I don't understand what goverment think about this. Where're the hell they consience?? Rising the price of 12 kilos elpiji gas is not a wise decision because the impact will be huge !

First, people will hunt for 3 kilos elpiji gas cos it is cheaper. Therefore, 3 kilos elpiji gas will rare in the market. And the impact is the price of food and beverage will raise. People will lack of nutrient because they don't have enough money for buy good and healthy food.

I read a journal a couple days ago, it said that nowadays, people in Palu City, Central Sulawesi, have switched elpiji to woods for cooking their meal. This habbit must be stop ! What happen if many people do the same thing? our forest will be gone! People will come in to the forest and cut the trees to get woods.

I remembered when I visit Cambodia. This country has no oil and gas.

To fill its society for oil and gas, government of Cambodia has to import, but it so expensive.  Cambodia is not a rich country. So, people in Cambodia use woods to cooking their meals.

Therefore, forests in Cambodia slowly but sure have gone..

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Every rainy season, people in Cambodia have to suffer because of flood. They don't have forest to prevent the water. Flood everywhere.. many people die and many people lost their home..

Cambodia's goverment try to fix the situation. Cambodia start to use their natural resource which is water (Cambodia very rich with water), to build power station. And the goverment joint cooperation with some non profit agencies to make stoves who don't need much woods. So, the consume of the woods can be pressured.

Well.. we are not Cambodia. We have a lot of natural resources. Indonesia has a lot of oil and gas. Why we don't use it to prosperity of Indonesian society?

Fot those who has capability to make rule, please.. use your conscience.. love your people.. don't let us suffer because of your decision..


Ifa Abdoel

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